Shigeru Miyamoto's Thoughts

Friday, December 03, 2004


Hello Joe_Cracker,

This is not Shigeru. He does not even speak English very well, all of the interviews we read are given in Japanese and translated. If he even had a blog it would be in Japanese. What I posted in this blog I just copied from one such interview, except I think he was talking about Majora's Mask or Wind Waker - I forget which one because I did it in a hurry - instead of the new game.

Do you not get the point now? It is easy for ANYONE on the internet to say they are someone they are not.

Monday, November 22, 2004

The Legend of Zelda

Very excited about development process of new Zelda game for Gamecube.

As a producer, I play a few different roles. One of them is getting involved early in meetings designed to determine direction. Then I get involved later in the development, working on the fine-tuning and helping to make improvements. This time around it was actually quite easy - a lot of meetings were held throughout the development and we didn't have to make many changes to the game spec. In the end, it wasn't so much me coming in and having to change things around it was just me being there to give input and to make sure that the quality was there. It was easy for me in that sense. For me personally it's been great because it's given me a different feel for the development, rather than having to create everything myself. It's also given me some insight into other aspects of development that I didn't have a chance to see up until now.Of course, Zelda games have a long history. The world of Zelda has a very strong tone that lets you know you're playing a Zelda game. This time, I really think we are doing an excellent job of bringing out that flavor, as well as enhancing the whole experience of the player going into the world and interacting with it. I think we've really done a great job so far.

This is to prove...

... it is very easy for anyone to sign up to these things and say they are someone they are not.